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Have You "Liked" Buzzboy on FacebookYet?

The Buzzboy Facebook page
has extra art and soon, extra stories that you won't find at the Buzzboy webcomics page-- so be sure and head over and "Like" Buzzboy to have access to our upcoming bonus material!

I hope everyone had a great holiday-- I somehow am more tired by my kids' Spring breaks than when we are driving all over creation for classes, practices and games. Maybe it's the to drink some more coffee at the Buzzboy Diner!

Take care and tip your waitress!


funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Get Buzzboy Graphic Novels for the Holidays!

The Buzzboy books are up in the Red Giant store, and you can get not only the latest BB GN, but the first two VINTAGE Buzzboy books, "Trouble in Paradise" and "Monsters, Dreams & Milkshakes." For those not in the know, Buzzboy premiered in May of 1998 as a 19 year old character, long thought dead, and coming out of retirement to save the day.

The same gang is there: Doc Cyber, Becca, and Zoomer-- although they are not quite the same. The current Buzzboy stories are essentially the "JJ Abrams" semi reboot withing continuity, so it all works! I'm signing and adding a little head sketch in every book, so please check it out!

Better yet, buy all 3 Buzz Books, and get a major discount PLUS a Buzzboy poster by the late, great Mike Wieringo!

Okay, enough shilling, lets get on with our meatloaf and mash...