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Part 2 with Canson Paper ambassador Karalyn Johnson, and Rich, Jamar, and John discussing jobs related to the comics industry, comics supplies, and staying on a path towards creativity.

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Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule!

funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule, Book 2

Today marks the beginning of Book 2 of Sidekicks Rule!

In coming weeks, we'll see the "Super-Duper Idol" Competition, a threat to Buzzboy and the world, and an age old question is asked: Beavers or Monkeys?

I must admit, I have watched American Idol a few times here and there-- really, my favorite part is the audition stage, where the freaks really hit the scene. Of course, you can be a fan of The Voice, X-Factor, America's Got Talent-- or not. Either way, the results are the same.

The answer might surprise you.

Tip your waitress...

funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Origin of Buzzboy's "first" costume

Buzzboy's first Buzz-a-riffic costume!
Buzzboy was created with a history. When I first wrote the buzzboy title, he was a much older character, come out of retirement. I was playing off the fact that AL:L sidekicks are... well, a bit DUMB.

Not lacking intelligent, but just not a good idea. As much as I loved Robin, or Bucky as a kid (I even begged my dad to dress up as Batman, so I, in my homemade Robin costume, could  idea around in our station wagon and pretend that it was the Batmobile. zNo go.

In a real world, as we supposedly live in, a sidekick is a bad idea. IT'S dangerous for the child, they are constantly getting captured and used as bait by the villain, etc. But also, looking at the history of sidekicks, it was based upon the very dumb idea that young readers, mostly boys back in the 1940's, would enjoy comics better if there was a kid their age in the stories to relate to.

Now think about that-- Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel-- all were selling literally MILLIONS of copies-- it's doubtful kids were not relating to the fun of being a superhero. In fact, cartoonist Jules Feiffer, in his well regarded introduction to the book, z"The Great Comic Book Heroes," stated that he HATED Robin, because, as he put it, there was a CHANCE of growing up and becoming Batman. but Robin was already BETTER than any kid that was reading the boo.

Now, I think I was so full of myself even then, that I truly believed I had all it took, at five, to be a sidekick.  This had wonderful results of the playground as NOBODY wanted to be Robin, and somehow, that gave me the power to cast all the parts, from Batman to Two-Face (usually the kid most resembling Pigpen from Peanuts) - sorry, whomever you were, you really should have wiped the spaghetti off your shirt after lunch...

Anyway... Sidekicks equaled Stupid, because, hey, who wants top be named after a bird (although it was actually after Robin Hood), or be "Bucky" to Captain America. There was also TNT and his sidekick Dyna-Mite, and worst of all, Mr. Scarlet and (wait for it...) PINKY!

Okay, so Buzzboy was my idea of a goofy name that might be redeemed in some way, not unlike how Mike Mignola's HELLboy was an ironic title for a 50-something creature from the underworld. Why the "Buzz?" The idea was that the buzzbelt, source of all of BB's powers, would let off a strange hummmmmmm, or buzzing sound. It seemed only natural that his first costume would have a bee theme, and so, bumble bee trunks were added to the overused star logo, gint boots for goofiness, and we were off.

Whew-- now you know. Buzzboy is a love letter to how bad an idea it is to have a sidekick, or be a sidekick. And yet, the youth and optimism of young people somehow makes it all work. Just like a bumblebee, in the world of physics, cannot logically fly-- it's impossible, they say, kids CAN be heroes, they CAN save the world, and, you know what?

I truly think they will.
funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Get Buzzboy Graphic Novels for the Holidays!

The Buzzboy books are up in the Red Giant store, and you can get not only the latest BB GN, but the first two VINTAGE Buzzboy books, "Trouble in Paradise" and "Monsters, Dreams & Milkshakes." For those not in the know, Buzzboy premiered in May of 1998 as a 19 year old character, long thought dead, and coming out of retirement to save the day.

The same gang is there: Doc Cyber, Becca, and Zoomer-- although they are not quite the same. The current Buzzboy stories are essentially the "JJ Abrams" semi reboot withing continuity, so it all works! I'm signing and adding a little head sketch in every book, so please check it out!

Better yet, buy all 3 Buzz Books, and get a major discount PLUS a Buzzboy poster by the late, great Mike Wieringo!

Okay, enough shilling, lets get on with our meatloaf and mash...


funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy


If you've read my earlier posts, you know that I was doing webcomics waaaaaay back in the time of the dinosaurs. I couldn't make a go of it, because there was no way I knew to make money.

If webcomics.com existed back then (along with Paypal and Amazon), I probably wouldn't be JUST returning to this medium.


If you aspire to be a web cartoonist or print cartoonist, webcomics.com is invaluable in learning about production and business-- I joined up almost 2 years ago, and have found it to be invaluable. By Brad Guigar and his Webcomics Weekly friends, the subscription is just $30 for  year-- I guarantee you will make that back times at least 5 if you sign up and produce comics online or off...

See you tomorrow!

funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Many Thanks...

This is definitely a time for thanks at Buzzboy Central-- thanks to Keenspot and Red Giant, for double teaming and convincing me that Buzzboy again has a place in Webcomics...

Buzzboy is thankful for Milkshakes!
Thanks to Benny Powell, a new, old friend in a way, for being my nanny at times, and a great business partner all the time.

Thanks to my family and friends, who have supported my comics craziness since, oh, about 35 years ago!...

Thanks to Steve Hauk, Rich Faber, Thom Zahler, Jen Rodgers, Vincent Sneed, Dave Napoliello, Jimmy Gownley, Harold Buchholz, Marc Nathan, Joel Pollock, Greg Bennett, Joe Murray, Brad Guigar, and so many others who have worked with me on Buzzboy, as both creators and advisors and retailers. And lets not forget the entire Webcomics Weekly crew (Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellet, Kris Straub, and Brad Guigar, again), whose book, How To Make Webcomics, has inspired me and countless others to not only do Webcomics, but do them RIGHT.

And thanks to YOU-- the thousands of visitors to this new site over the last few days-- it is really cool and appreciated, and I hope you'll keep coming back for more. I really love making Buzzboy comics, but I especially enjoy having YOU read them, share them, and share with me what you think!

Okay, let's get on with the show! :)
funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Welcome to the Buzzboy Diner!

his collection of wires, pencils, paper and coffee (ah yeah, COFFEE!), all within a diner setting, is my studio, where many a Buzzboy page has been drawn. As you can see, I am a diner lover, just like a certain super- sidekick. Please excude the mess-- I am out of the studio for a little Turkey and Corn Pudding...

If you are new to Buzzboy, welcome! Please head to the first page of the comics archive, and start reading! Staring Friday, we will be starting up a brand new story arc, a full presentation of the Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! Graphic novel. 

If you are an old fan of the original Buzzboy webcomic, or are a reader of BB's print adventures, welcome back! As you will see, some things within the story have changed, some are the same, but stories will always be full of great art, fun stories, and a certain amount of pop culture fun.

If you are already sold on Buzzboy as your super duper favorite comics character, then head over to either the Buzzboy store to purchase our print books, or for our iPad digital comics fans, you can download my new iTunes app, Comics Jukebox, and purchase a digital edition right away. There are also other cool kids comics like Fish & Chips by Steve Hamaker, Hamster Sam by Dave McDonald, and Banana Tail by Mark McKenna! And don't forget to take a look at Roboy Red, co-created by Rich Faber and yours truly.

Okay, that's all for now-- have a great Thanksgiving, start reading, and don't forget to tip your waitress!

- gallagher
funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Comic Book Diner Podcast

Comic Book Diner Podcast

You might not know it, but I talk about comics creation, on the web, in print, and on iPhone and iPad environments all the time on the Comic Book Diner podcast. We are up to Episode 38, and discuss a wide range of topics, supplies, conventions, from workspace, to web vs. print, we interview comics creators, and mostly laugh a whole lot. My award-winning buddies Jamar Nicholas (Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun, Leon) and Rich Faber (Roboy Red, Green Lantern, Steel) co-host, and our special guest star Thom Zahler pops up from time to time-- Check it out, on the web or at itunes>>

funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

The FIRST Buzzboy Webcomic, Part 1

I mentioned in the previous post that Buzzboy has been a comic on the web before-- today, here's a brief follow-up.

In 1998, I was excited for Buzzboy to debut on comic store shelves-- May of 1998 was going to be the unveiling of Buzzboy #1, which would most certainly change the world of comics (Even though, as I look back, I was more blessed with enthusiasm at the time than talent.) So what should I dio, knowing that this opus was about to arrive?

Buy an ad? Done.

Create a website? Done (note bad for Septembver '98-- yes, I am that old).

I know-- I'll brag!

So I called my friend Steve Conley, who I met on teh AOL chatrooms (again: old), and had met at the very first SPX, or Small Press Expo as it is known. Steve had created a book called Avant Garde-- a nod to fun super heroes of the Wally Wood variety. Steve was also a graphic designer, a lover of the grit-free comics variety (make no mistake, I love all comics-- there just weren't manty fun ones coming out in 1998. "Steve-- guess what! I finally have a book coming out in May!"  "Me too!" "Well, mine is about a hero in a leather jacket, who is funny, and has humor -laced adventures!" Me too!"

Uh-oh, I thought. Steve and I are doing the same thing! But, it turned out Steve's "thing" was Astounding Space Thrills, a cool sci-fi comic. And it was good. really good. So good, I was grateful that I got some attention for Buzzboy. But comics were better for the indy publisher back then, and so we both proceeded to publish our books. My art was good-- almost as good as Steve's first book, Avant Garde. But now his art was GREAT-- he had added grey tones and offered up a subtlety to his characters that I am still trying to match.

I realized the best I could hop[e for was to just keep pace with Steve-- outdoing him was not an option.
Argon Zark by Charley Parker
So, in the Fall of '99 when Steve told me he was going to do a daily webcomic about AST starting January 1, 2000, I immediately wanted to join the fun. Along with Marty Baumann and "Creator Kid," the three uof us started publishing on the web, something only a handful of other creators were doing (the only one I knew was Argon Zark by Charley Parker).
Astounding Space Thrills by Steve Conley

This is the part where everything gets weird, because Steve's great idea to get on the web was both a huge success-- and a bomb.

Come back next time for the reason why...
funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Buzzboy comics on the web -- and print!

It's no coincidence that Buzzboy is returning to the web just as a new BB graphic novel is hitting store shelves-- wait... RETURNING?

That's right-- Buzzboy was not only a webcomic before-- it was by all accounts, one of the FIRST webcomics. But more about that later...

Just as we are bringing BB back to the Internet, a collection of the Buzzboy story "Sidekicks Rule! will be coming out from Red Giant Entertainment. This contains 120 pages of stories, sketches, how-to's and more. If you enjoy the full-page comics that come to this site every Monday Wednesday, and Friday, you can soon order the hardcover or softcover collection on Amazon, BN.com, or at our own store.

This book has been 3 years in planning, and is the first book in a series by my friends Rich Faber, Jamar Nicholas, and myself. The second book, Roboy Red, is coming out in January 2012, by Faber and me. The third book, by Jamar Nicholas, is "Leon: Protector of the Playground," and rounds out this collection of cool kids graphic novels.