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The FIRST Buzzboy Webcomic, Part 1

I mentioned in the previous post that Buzzboy has been a comic on the web before-- today, here's a brief follow-up.

In 1998, I was excited for Buzzboy to debut on comic store shelves-- May of 1998 was going to be the unveiling of Buzzboy #1, which would most certainly change the world of comics (Even though, as I look back, I was more blessed with enthusiasm at the time than talent.) So what should I dio, knowing that this opus was about to arrive?

Buy an ad? Done.

Create a website? Done (note bad for Septembver '98-- yes, I am that old).

I know-- I'll brag!

So I called my friend Steve Conley, who I met on teh AOL chatrooms (again: old), and had met at the very first SPX, or Small Press Expo as it is known. Steve had created a book called Avant Garde-- a nod to fun super heroes of the Wally Wood variety. Steve was also a graphic designer, a lover of the grit-free comics variety (make no mistake, I love all comics-- there just weren't manty fun ones coming out in 1998. "Steve-- guess what! I finally have a book coming out in May!"  "Me too!" "Well, mine is about a hero in a leather jacket, who is funny, and has humor -laced adventures!" Me too!"

Uh-oh, I thought. Steve and I are doing the same thing! But, it turned out Steve's "thing" was Astounding Space Thrills, a cool sci-fi comic. And it was good. really good. So good, I was grateful that I got some attention for Buzzboy. But comics were better for the indy publisher back then, and so we both proceeded to publish our books. My art was good-- almost as good as Steve's first book, Avant Garde. But now his art was GREAT-- he had added grey tones and offered up a subtlety to his characters that I am still trying to match.

I realized the best I could hop[e for was to just keep pace with Steve-- outdoing him was not an option.
Argon Zark by Charley Parker
So, in the Fall of '99 when Steve told me he was going to do a daily webcomic about AST starting January 1, 2000, I immediately wanted to join the fun. Along with Marty Baumann and "Creator Kid," the three uof us started publishing on the web, something only a handful of other creators were doing (the only one I knew was Argon Zark by Charley Parker).
Astounding Space Thrills by Steve Conley

This is the part where everything gets weird, because Steve's great idea to get on the web was both a huge success-- and a bomb.

Come back next time for the reason why...