jbgall (jbgall) wrote,

Who Is Buzzboy?

Hey readers-- if you don't know Buzzboy, this is a great jumping on point, as this tale offers up BB's origin, and shows readers the fun style and spirit of Buzzboy comics. Part "Adventures" style art, part Looney Toons, Buzzboy is the tale of the World's Coolest Super Sidekick. Buzzboy is cool family friendly fun, but make no mistake-- BB's also has adult fans across the globe.

If you don't know me, my name is John Gallagher, and I grew up reading comics, even learning to read using them as a guide, and eschewing Dr. Seuss for Spider-Man. Disney cartoons filled my head, and the animation of the Superfriends filled my heart. I'm excited to be part of the new wave of Keenspot comics coming your way, also a s a part of Red Giant entertainment.

Artistic influences include Jack Kirby, Alex Toth (who, incidentally was the main character designer on Superfriends, and a slew of others.

So climb aboard the crazy train, and have fun with Buzzboy, Becca, Zoomer, Doc Cyber,. and a slew of odd heroes and villains (esopecially a foul (fowl), time, travelling duck!..
Tags: adventures, animation, buzzboy, comics, disney, humor, keenspot, spider-maqn, super hero
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