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My Secret Origin

Buzzboy will continue shortly-- right now, to give you a better idea of who is writing and drawing these stories, I present the true story of how I became a cartoonist, and the person that inspired it all. Originally appearing in an anthology for The Hero Initiative, an organization helping comic creators in need.

This is a great organization helping fill the gap that some under-insured or unfortuante creators suffer when medical bills or other issues hit. I personally know half a dozen creators who have received help, insums as small as a few thousand dollars to help pay a mortgage while a family member dealt with chemo, to several thousand to pay for an eye operation ensuring sight for an artist that never received any type of retirement payments from the comics industry he inspired for over 40 years.

Please consider supporting the Hero Initiative>>

Back to the story: You'll see a bunch of comics covers in this story, which are, of course © and ™ their respective owners-- they are shown for historical purposes only. These covers represent the actual comics I owned back then as a five-year-old, and they were a big part of this story as well.

I think almost everyone has a teacher, parent, friend that helped push them along towards their destiny. I was lucky enough to have several, including my fourth grade teacher, Miss Kathy Irwin-Lentz, who let me incorporate comics into my classwork. I was able to draw some reports instead of writing them-- it was years later when I realized this was actually HARDER than just writing the report.

There were others, from childhood through adulthood, like Steve Hauk, the first inker I ever had. Steve was a talented, friendly guy, but would take on a curmudgeonly attitude when telling me when my pencils were not up to snuff. I think some would have been turned off by this caustic tone, but Steve was really passionate, and I listened to every word he said, and learned alot.

Criticism and support are often the same thing, and even when you don't agree, it can help you to define what is important to you.

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