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Buzzboy gets Publisher's Weekly's attention
funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy
Publisher's Weekly is the Holy Grail for many publishers-- a yea or nay from this well respected peridical can make or break a novelist and/or publisher. In fact, it was a mention of BB 10 years ago that helped create a sellout of the first graphic novel. So I couldn't have been more excited when I saw the tweet from @Keenspot Sunday night, and saw that they were covering the tri-release of Sidekicks Rule on the Web here at Keenspot (thanks guys!), iPad (I for one, welcome our Apple overlords), and in Print (in comics shops now!)-- now, this is cool. 

Here's an excerpt:


But now it's up to you, the reader, to spread the word. Tweet, FB, Digg, whatever (remember MySpace?), or--- okay, it's cool, please if you feel like it, tell your friends about Buzzboy. I would really appreciate it.

Remember, say hi to the fry cook!