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Comic Book Diner Podcast

Comic Book Diner Podcast

You might not know it, but I talk about comics creation, on the web, in print, and on iPhone and iPad environments all the time on the Comic Book Diner podcast. We are up to Episode 38, and discuss a wide range of topics, supplies, conventions, from workspace, to web vs. print, we interview comics creators, and mostly laugh a whole lot. My award-winning buddies Jamar Nicholas (Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun, Leon) and Rich Faber (Roboy Red, Green Lantern, Steel) co-host, and our special guest star Thom Zahler pops up from time to time-- Check it out, on the web or at itunes>>

Tags: adventures, animation, buzzboy, comic book diner, comics, humor, jamar nicholas, podcast, rich faber
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