March 3rd, 2012

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Comics are the Brangelina of Reading! New Podcast at the Comic Book Diner!

"Comics are the Brangelina of reading. -- Dr. Katie Monnin
"Comics are the Brangelina of reading."

                             -- Dr. Katie Monnin

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While Jamar is on assignment, Rich and I interview "Dr. Katie," professor of literacy, and author of four books on using comics and GN's in the classroom. Dr. Monnin offers up a viewpoint that the definition of reading is changing, and we are on the cusp of a communication revolution.

Creators will get insight on how to prep and market their books to different grades from K-12, and other educational venues. Lesson plans, vocabulary, and more are discussed by the gang, and Dr. Monnin shows us why she is regarded as one of the top (and most energetic) authorities on teaching with graphic novels.

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