January 4th, 2012

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NEWSFLASH: Buzzboy Creator Appearance at CAPTAIN BLUEHEN - this Weekend!

Today's Behind the Buzz features pencils from Book 3 of the current storyline-- Friday will see the return of our regular, full-color comics feature, "Sidekicks Rule!", starring Buzzboy, Becca, and Zoomer, and introducing on FRiday... well, that would be telling!

As many of you know, I share a virtual studio with  Jamar Nicholas and Rich Faber, as well as a podcast. We have been working together on an all-ages comics project for awhile, of which Buzzboy is the first book, my co-creation Roboy Red is the second, and Jamar's Leon: Protector of the Playground is the third. We were fortunate enough to be backed at Kickstarter.com, and are prepping to ship out the first two books this weekend.

In looking for a good central location, Newark Delaware's Captain Bluehen Comics was the obvious choice, as owner Joe Murray is a big supporter of ours (and many others), and his shop is really one of the coolest around-- they even have a diner booth! Here's the flyer-- if you are nearby, and even if you aren't, I would love to see you!