November 24th, 2011

funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy

Welcome to the Buzzboy Diner!

his collection of wires, pencils, paper and coffee (ah yeah, COFFEE!), all within a diner setting, is my studio, where many a Buzzboy page has been drawn. As you can see, I am a diner lover, just like a certain super- sidekick. Please excude the mess-- I am out of the studio for a little Turkey and Corn Pudding...

If you are new to Buzzboy, welcome! Please head to the first page of the comics archive, and start reading! Staring Friday, we will be starting up a brand new story arc, a full presentation of the Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! Graphic novel. 

If you are an old fan of the original Buzzboy webcomic, or are a reader of BB's print adventures, welcome back! As you will see, some things within the story have changed, some are the same, but stories will always be full of great art, fun stories, and a certain amount of pop culture fun.

If you are already sold on Buzzboy as your super duper favorite comics character, then head over to either the Buzzboy store to purchase our print books, or for our iPad digital comics fans, you can download my new iTunes app, Comics Jukebox, and purchase a digital edition right away. There are also other cool kids comics like Fish & Chips by Steve Hamaker, Hamster Sam by Dave McDonald, and Banana Tail by Mark McKenna! And don't forget to take a look at Roboy Red, co-created by Rich Faber and yours truly.

Okay, that's all for now-- have a great Thanksgiving, start reading, and don't forget to tip your waitress!

- gallagher