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Buzzboy comics on the web -- and print!
funny, webcomic, rich faber, john gallagher, Buzzboy
It's no coincidence that Buzzboy is returning to the web just as a new BB graphic novel is hitting store shelves-- wait... RETURNING?

That's right-- Buzzboy was not only a webcomic before-- it was by all accounts, one of the FIRST webcomics. But more about that later...

Just as we are bringing BB back to the Internet, a collection of the Buzzboy story "Sidekicks Rule! will be coming out from Red Giant Entertainment. This contains 120 pages of stories, sketches, how-to's and more. If you enjoy the full-page comics that come to this site every Monday Wednesday, and Friday, you can soon order the hardcover or softcover collection on Amazon, BN.com, or at our own store.

This book has been 3 years in planning, and is the first book in a series by my friends Rich Faber, Jamar Nicholas, and myself. The second book, Roboy Red, is coming out in January 2012, by Faber and me. The third book, by Jamar Nicholas, is "Leon: Protector of the Playground," and rounds out this collection of cool kids graphic novels.