jbgall (jbgall) wrote,

Just one little "0"...

...caused Friday's comic to not post--sorry. Blame it on my thick fingers, but when naming the file that SHOULD have shown up on Friday, I hit the zero button one too many times. Here is the comic that you missed. I have renamed it and it should show up correctly in the archive later today. So go back a page, read that, then read this, then look up and read that, then spin around three times, and... I am such a goof.

Sheesh! I probably would have found the error Friday, but was up in Canada for the Calgary EXPO-- wow, talk about a great show! I'll put up a full report later, but right now, let me just thank everyone who came by and mentioned the sight or podcast, the event organizers (especially Blaine and Kandrix!), and Andy Runton (Owly), who was responsible for me getting invited in the first place (hi, Andy's mom!)

Tip your waitress!
Tags: alberta, andy runton, buzzboy, calgary expo, canada, owly

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