jbgall (jbgall) wrote,

Buzzboy & John Gallagher will be at Calgary Expo this weekend! Booth K 03

To all my buzz buddies up north-- it's time to get ready for some Calgary craziness at the upcoming Calgary Expo!

I can't believe the collection of guests that will be attending, from my buddy Frank Cho, to Stan Lee to those guys that played the Weasley twins (James and Oliver Phelps)! Oh, and Adam West, and the 60s Batmobile, and Firefly's Adam Baldwin-- I am seriously geeking out! Tell your friends, invite your grandmother, and I will offer up an extra special Buzzboy sketch for everyone that brings me some Tim Horton's coffee or donuts! :)


I'll be at Booth # K 03 - c'mon by and tell me I sent you! :) By the way, I am juiced to be within spitting distance of Dan Parent, Ray Friesen, Frank Camuso, and other cool creators like that. Nope, I don't want to spit on any of them-- I think that's a Canadian custom, right? Kidding!

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